How to improve digital patient recruitment with a multi-channel approach

Think back to the last time you went on public transport, or even went for a walk. Advertisements would have been everywhere, the bus stop, on the underground, on your Instagram or Facebook feed, maybe even on Spotify if you don’t subscribe. There are so many ways that we are targeted by advertisements, and it’s no wonder that up to 98% of adverts are ignored.

Our attention is almost constantly split between media. Advertising solely on Facebook simply doesn’t cut it anymore. With numerous types of advertisements competing for people’s attention, how can you effectively reach patients?


Finding the right people

Patient research is crucial to a successful digital patient recruitment strategy. You can’t expect your audience to engage with your advertisements if you don’t know who you’re advertising to. We covered why you need patient insights to inform your patient recruitment here, but if you want to learn how you should use them, keep on reading.

Understanding the patient burden – If you understand what patients don’t like about clinical trials and anything that creates burden, you can use this to your advantage. Adapt messaging to make sure that these burdens are addressed, and alleviated. For example: worried about transport costs? Make sure any travel reimbursement is made crystal clear. Worries about travel distance to and from the site? Make sure any patent-centric or home-based parts of the study are highlighted.

Developing patient personas – From understanding what patients want from clinical trials, you can begin developing materials that suit them. Do they prefer to access lots of information about the clinical trial, or do they prefer to be told the key messages? Do they prefer to research themselves, or do they like being told information straight up? There are many different attributes that make up a persona, use them to your advantage in your recruitment strategy.

Understand media consumption – Like we mentioned before, advertisements are constantly competing for people’s attention. So, to best place your ad, you need to understand media consumption behaviours. If you’re advertising on social media, which types of content do your target audience interact with frequently? How do these pieces of content look? What times are your target audience active online?


Creating a digital patient recruitment advertising campaign

Okay, so now you know how to use your patient research data, it’s time to create the perfect advertising campaign. Research shows that the most trusted forms of advertisement are print, television, direct mail, and radio, but which medium should you pick?

Like we said before, your advertisements are constantly competing for patients’ attention. However, allowing for additional spend on other advertising channels allows patients to be targeted by a surround-sound advertisement campaign.


Handy tip: Make sure all of your media contain the same language, tone of voice, and key messages. This will help make sure that your different advertisements are viewed as components of a brand, rather than separate entities. Try completing a key messaging document first, then base all of your advertisements off on those key messages to maintain consistency.


Not only will this allow you to create a buzz regarding your clinical trial, but it will also increase brand awareness at your study site and online, which can really boost patient recruitment.


Reducing site burden

Effective marketing strategies using multi-channel mixes can really drive patient recruitment, which ultimately helps to decrease site burden. With a constant stream of high-quality and engaged referrals coming into sites, site staff can spend their time enrolling patients, instead of trying to find those who are eligible.


It’s not as hard as you think

Creating and deploying an effective multi-channel mix of advertisements may sound difficult, but we’ve found a way to make it easy for you. We’ve created a patient recruitment solution, TrialVerse, that allows you to find your patients faster, reduce site and staff burden, and put the patient first. We streamline the process of multi-channel mix advertising, and provide support until patients are converted.

If you’d like to know more about TrialVerse, get in touch today at Or, if you’d like to access more insights on patient recruitment, take a look around our website — we have plenty more.


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